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Custom Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design 

Mobile experience gives your business an uncanny ability improving its business credibility and expanding the reach. With mobile numbers exceeding 5 billion world over and 75 percent of web traffic routing through smartphones, mobile websites really matter for your online venture. 

A highly mobile-optimized website helps your business connect with new customers and increased sales. While 52% of mobile users prefer to view shopping carts on their smartphones, 80% of them link their ecommerce satisfaction to good user experience. At least 40% buy products on mobile websites with assured quality and credible appearance.

We offer to enhance customer mobile web experience and contribute to your commerce enterprise through exclusive, spanking new, responsive, feature-rich, and inventive mobile web development solutions.


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Over 76,000,000

WordPress Sites in the World

Nearly 90% select WordPress for its open-source advantage, full-fledged features, and easy-to-integrate offering while better monetizing ability is a key attraction for over 80 percent. Customized WordPress templates provide platform for over 60% of client services online.

Our ability to design and develop WordPress websites with loaded, widgets multimedia and social media features empowers personal and professional websites to gain new heights in the online world.

Social Media Marketing

Social media promotion enables higher business conversion rate, extensive reach, and fast communication and client interaction. With over a billion people accessing Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and such other platforms everyday, social media marketing offers competitive advantage, engaging marketing opportunity, enhanced customer service, and boost to improve credibility.
Emaze Design, with its latest technological expertise and varied experience, provides highly competent and proficient social media marketing assistance that dominates the competitive landscape with professional approach, focus on business-specific strategy, and efforts to leverage the latest technological advantage to your ultimate benefit.


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Miami Web Design and Development

UI & Development

Web Design Solutions

A credible and professional looking website designed innovatively is an important milestone in your success online. Inspiring features and convincing outward show of your website leads to 33% higher business prospects.

While visual attraction exalts credibility, flawless operation helps establish customer confidence. About 85% in the United States look for websites of businesses online and companies while over 65% of them consider a well-designed website as a key parameter to engage with.
We offer highly sophisticated website design and development services that catapult clients to the highest level through customized solutions focused on core business needs, compelling features, the latest industry trends, and competitive edge through clear understanding of the dynamics of customer behavior.


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Web Design

About 65% look for website design to consider a website credible, sophisticated, professional, and trustworthy to engage with.


Web Development

Nearly 85% love to select websites that are user friendly and showcase a convincing presentation with flawless backend operation.



Over 90% of websites employ SEO strategy to grow online, extend their reach, emancipate themselves from low ranking, and gain higher competitive edge.


Themes & Features

95% prefer websites with themes that empower SEO and social media marketing efforts using the most recent online technologies with advanced features.

Internet Marketing

Miami SEO Services

A $100 billion market and millions of websites

Consider where you stand in the absence of a proper internet marketing strategy. Define your goals and power your way using the latest internet marketing tools and technology. Over 85% of web traffic comes through search engines. But 75% of those browsing rarely go beyond the first three pages. A stout, well-crafted, and broad-based internet marketing is your way to redeem and establish yourself online. Emaze Design, a Miami SEO company offers search engine optimization, website audit and analysis, social media optimization, email marketing, SEO copywriting, and a variety of search engine marketing with assured higher traffic, improved rank, and greater business prospects.


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Internet Marketing Agency

Mobile Application Development

iOS & Android Development


We create highly & sophisticated iPhone & Android apps for startups, entrepreneurs, and agencies. We also know a thing or two about company branding, websites, and user acquisition. We have a team of design masters & development geniuses.

We are a mobile development agency located in Miami. We believe that mobile represents the greatest opportunity for every industry in our decade.


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