Web Design Trends in 2017

Web design is an essential part of your site. And staying up to date with trends and changes keeps your pages relevant to your market. Here’s a list of the web design trends you should watch out for in 2017:

Interactive experience

While developing an interactive user experience isn’t anything new, the use of VR and 360 degree videos adds a fresh new take on the matter. If you want an interactive experience that’s sure to take your customer’s breath away, these technologies make for a good option to explore, says Forbes. Don’t forget about Google’s Daydream VR headset as well. You might just be seeing the first stages of how video and wed design come come together to create an amazing experience.

Card design and grid layouts

Even since Pinterest made these popular, a lot of web designers have gone ahead and used the same layout and design for their sites. It isn’t hard to see why. Cards are easy to use and ideal if you want something simple, flexible and organized. Grid layouts, on the other hand, are great for making a ton of data more readable instead of long blocks of flowing content. If you’re trying to increase traffic to your site, this design and layout can boost traffic to your site.

Bots and conversational interfaces via AI

AI-powered bots could change the way designers develop websites, putting more emphasis on automating communication as well as sales. The popularity of conversational channels and interfaces, too, will likely grow, giving big brands a chance to develop a personality that makes them more accessible, more human, to their market base.

Intuitive forms

There’s nothing like a clunky form to make customers think twice about coming back to your site. For instance, if your forms make it twice or thrice as hard for customers to input their personal information, that could send them running in the other direction. Check your forms to see what kind of experience your customers have. Do they need to input the date in a particular order or not? If they need to restart the session, do they need to fill out the form from the top or do you have an auto-remember feature to help them get the job done faster? By opting for intuitive forms, you can enhance user experience and reduce a lot of stress and hassle for your visitors.

Be sure your site is ready for 2017. Take steps to update your site with these trends. Don’t know where to start? Call Emaze Design today.


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