SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

You’ll want to be on the lookout for SEO Trends this year. Here are some pointers to get your pages ready for your competition in 2017:


This isn’t an option any longer. As consumers become smarter, they want to make sure transactions with your site are safe. If they can’t trust your site to protect their information, you could lose a lot of potential sale.

Long-form content wins

Done right, long-form content, typically about 2,000 words, can get you better audience engagement. So long as you provide visitors with the information they need, they’ll keep coming back for more. This doesn’t just work for social, though. It’s also good for your organic rankings. Google tends to rank sites with long, comprehensive content much, much higher on the SERPs. The higher your rankings are, the more visibility they get from visitors, which leads to higher leads and conversions.

UX matters

If you haven’t been paying attention to UX, time to start. A great user experience means your visitors will stay around much longer, which increases the chances of conversions on your pages.

Be mobile-friendly

Mobile consumer growth has been explosive the last few years. If your pages aren’t mobile friendly, you could be locking out a huge potential stream of revenue. Keep your site up to date. Make it responsive and mobile-friendly to reach out to as many consumers as possible out there, says Moz.

Link love

Content is key to viral content. Create content that’s so irresistible your market base can’t help but share it and link to it. Explore a range of content forms and types, including video ads and infographics. With the right visual and words, your content could turn potential buyers into long-term shoppers.

Explore voice search

Being on the forefront of change and adaptation could give your company the edge it needs to get ahead of the rest of your competition. Pay attention to what’s new and hot in the market like Voice Search. It could be the next big thing and positioning your company to ensure smooth and easy adaptation when the time comes can give you the competitive advantage you need to stay on top.

Know and understand the these trends. Make adjustments to the way your team works. By aligning those changes with these trends, your company is sure to be ready to grab a bigger share of the market in 2017. To know more, contact us.


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