Pay Per Click Services (PPC) Can Make A Difference

Are you aware of Pay-per-click advertising? Rather than traditional advertising, where you pay to have an add shown regardless of the response it receives, the people hosting your ad only get paid if someone clicks on it to reach your site. What this means is that rather than trying to tempt people to visit, you operate a “payment by results” marketing policy. This can work particularly well when it comes to Google sponsored links, where PPC ads are placed right at the top of the first page of search results.

pay per click

Miami-based PPC Management Services

We have years of experience in managing PPC campaigns on behalf of a wide range of companies. This has given us a good understanding of platforms such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords, enabling us to harness their capabilities in order to meet your goals. Our service is always customized to meet our client’s objectives, with planning, implementation and reporting all tailored to achieve the required outcomes.

PPC Management Services – Miami

The services our PPC Agency Offers

Organized Audited Approach To PPC

Every PPC project starts with the creation a structured plan that incorporates objectives, audience and analysis of data.

Bing Advertising

With particular skills and knowledge of the Bing Platform, we can maximize the benefits you can obtain by working with this provider.

Social Advertising

Our team can introduce you to software such as EasySEO that can create high-caliber social advertising solutions that get the results you want.


We will create targeted ads that are presented to people who have already shown an interest in products just like yours.

Google AdWords

We are highly experienced in maximizing the value obtained from Google Adwords, enabling you to dispense with an in-house specialist or additional outside expertise.


In many cases, significant leads and conversions can be generated by targeting additional marketing material at previous visitors to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

What you can expect from one of our pay per click advertising campaigns:

When you use us for a PPC campaign, our services to you include:

  • A strategy for your PPC project
  • Research and selection of appropriate keywords
  • Creation of premium ads
  • Getting your campaign up and running
  • ROI monitoring and bid management
  • Development and optimization of your landing page
  • Campaign evaluation and implementation

Measurements of success

We report back to you monthly, detailing what content and keywords we’ve used and the resulting rankings. We are also happy to book an hour each month, at your convenience, to discuss progress with your team over the phone.

WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • These guys are very creative in the work they deliver! Great customer service and very easy to work with. They will get your design to exactly how you need it. Definitely recommend for any business that needs some digital work done.

    John Anderson
    John Anderson
    Risotto Co
  • Well done logo work, website design, true professionals, great company.

    Lida Smith
    Lida Smith
    Mexin Co

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