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We are a cutting-edge web agency that takes a creative, up-to-date approach to meet your individual needs. Providing highly creative, innovative and dynamic answers to the challenges which Internet marketing poses, we are your one-stop shop for top quality, proven methods of enhancing engagement and participation.

Transform Your Email Marketing

Done correctly, Email Marketing can really make a difference. Our straightforward software makes the creation and dissemination of marketing emails cost-effective, rapid and convenient. The emails benefit from a suite of design options which give highly polished, appealing results.

email marketing

Measure and monitor your email marketing results.

Have you heard of Emaze Design Agency? This handy piece of software allows users to track all sorts of useful information regarding the progression and impact of their email marketing campaign. If you want to know how many emails were actually delivered, the number of recipients that opened their email and the percentage that went on to make an enquiry, sale or other favorable outcome, our software can really help.

Make sure your emails reach their intended recipients.

Optimize delivery times and quickly check who’s received your email, and who hasn’t, by using our cloud based storage. This can be accessed at any time using a variety of different devices, giving you the freedom to send out your marketing exactly when you want to. You can also see exactly who’s received your communication, quickly and easily. Our sophisticated feedback systems, which we have in place with the main network providers, ensure excellent delivery rates.

Social Media Marketing

One of the prime drivers of online marketing success, the power of social media is that it can reach your audience wherever they are, as well as providing a showcase for your brand and giving you the capacity to reach out to new customers, raising awareness of what you’ve got to offer. Social media may also boost the success of other marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization or Pay-per-Click, providing a multidimensional marketing solution. If you need assistance with any aspect of your social media marketing, we have the right skill set to assist.

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Social Media Marketing – what is it?

At its most basic, Social Media Marketing involves using the various social media networks that are out there to engage with your audience in a more personal, involving way than can be achieved through other forms of marketing. Using high quality videos, pictures and text, the aim is to encourage your audience to comment, share and otherwise engage with your brand.

What we can do for you with social media marketing?

We can provide the multi-stranded approach you need to really get social media working for you. Rather than tell you what we do ourselves, why not check out what our clients say about the work we’ve done on their social media profile? We rarely need to advertise, as much of our business now comes via personal recommendation. Our pricing for social media marketing is dependent on your goals and present position.

What are the benefits of social media management?

Keeping customer loyalty

Your customers will have access to social media 24/7 – if you’re not keeping their attention than your competitors will claim it instead! Social media management helps keep your brand at the forefront of their awareness.

We make sure your name crops up!

At this very moment, someone is probably having a social media conversation about the goods you sell or your organization – be in on it! Skilled social media management can maximize the chances of your business joining in with relevant conversations that are highly likely to result in sales.

We know what we’re doing!

Our certified team has plenty of experience and skill when it comes to keeping up with social media. Why not let the professionals take the strain and let us shape and manage your social media marketing, freeing you and your colleagues up to concentrate on other aspects of your corporate success?

Marketing For Mobile Phone Users

The vast majority of your audience will own a mobile phone, so it makes sense to capture this lucrative market with marketing that’s specifically designed for their needs. Users have their phones with them everywhere, giving you plenty of great opportunities to engage them and build loyalty through appealing, skillful Mobile Marketing.

mobile web marketing

Why you need mobile marketing

The true strength of mobile marketing lies in the volume of people it can reach. Online marketing is good, but well-executed marketing designed for the small screen can be far more effective in certain situations. We recognize that potential and have developed a number of approaches to give your mobile phone campaign plenty of impact.

Considering mobile marketing? We offer :

  • Optimized Websites for Mobile Use
  • Marketing Via SMS (Text)
  • Search Campaigns for Mobile
  • CSS3 and HTML 5
  • Commerce Suitable for Mobile Phones
  • QR Codes or 2D Barcodes
  • Development of Apps for Mobiles
  • Display Campaigns for Mobile Marketing

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From search engine optimization through to Local Business Marketing and more, we are a Miami based marketing agency that’s committed to providing you with a high quality marketing experience. Designing customized Ecommerce Marketing solutions as well as providing an effective Pay-Per-Click Service, our marketing gives your audience an appealing user-friendly experience that’s almost impossible to resist.


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